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Worry for Nothing Journal

Worry for Nothing Journal

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Find your days often being interrupted by anxious thoughts? Struggle to shake them? Our Worry For Nothing guided journal is here to help. This journal uses proven cognitive restructuring methods from cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to help take control of your anxious thoughts. There is no daily commitment, simply use the journal whenever you are feeling anxious or worried. Unlike other therapy notebooks, this journal is discreet. There is no use of "worry" or "anxiety" on the cover so you can feel comfortable taking it with you, wherever life takes you. It's time to own your thoughts.

How it works

It can be difficult to recognize the inaccuracies in our anxious thought patterns. Cognitive restructuring, the technique featured in this journal, helps deconstruct thoughts in order to rebuild them in a more accurate and productive way.

This easy-to-use journal will walk you through, step-by-step:

  1. How to articulate and uncover what caused your anxiety/worry thoughts
  2. Become aware of your physical sensations, feelings and emotions
  3. Analyze evidence for and against your anxiety/worry thoughts
  4. Help adjust your thoughts to break the negative chain reaction

Click here for step-by-step example

Product details

  • Hard cover linen journal with gold foil stamped logo
  • 100 gsm paper weight, 8.5 x 5.5 paper size
  • 5 pages featuring introduction, instruction and journaling tips
  • 128 pages, 60 two-page guided journal entries
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    I love the design of the journal, it is sleek, modern and very discreet. Before purchasing, I was using my phone to jot down "journal entries" while I was out for a walk or commuting to work on the subway because it was a way to jot down thoughts without anyone knowing what I was writing about. But my entries were rather aimless, and extremely inconsistent, so I wasn't really solving much by putting my thoughts into words. This journal is perfect because it guides your thoughts and helps you take any anxieties and think about them in a bigger picture by asking questions to guide thoughts very strategically. It makes you think, What's the worst thing that could happen? Is this as bad as I'm making it out to be? It puts any worry into perspective and makes it more manageable. I would highly recommend this journal to anyone who experiences even moderate anxiety, or just wants a space to feel safe and calm.


    SARAH P. | Oct 16, 2020

    This journal is amazing! I've always struggled with journaling because I never know what to write or how to get my thoughts down on paper. The prompts in this journal have been very helpful and it feels good that the prompts are based on cognitive restructuring techniques. The prompts have helped me work through any unproductive thoughts I have and I always feel better after using this journal. I have recommended the journal to all of my friends because I love it so much.


    CAIT W. | Oct 19, 2020

    I have struggled with anxiety as far as I can remember. The global pandemic has amplified everything, including my anxiety. I received the Worry IV Nothing journal last week and hadn't yet opened the package. I was up tossing and turning until 2am last night, stressing about an upcoming podcast interview. My anxious thoughts were racing; I’m not good enough, I don’t deserve this opportunity, I’m going to fail... I jumped out of bed and opened the journal and followed the outline. Before I knew it, I was writing why I was selected for this opportunity and it was a paradigm shift. I felt empowered and slept like a baby. This book helps us to be a part of the solution and takes the focus off the problem. It helps us to examine our thoughts and redirect our thinking.

    Where has this book been my entire life!

    Kenny T. | Oct 12, 2020

    I just got my journal a few days ago and SO blown away! First of all, it’s gorgeously made. Second, the questions are so helpful! I’ve wanted to journal to help with anxiety for a while, and this finally made it feel approachable and super easily manageable, rather than an overwhelming or confusing task. Definitely recommend!!


    Anne z. | oct 5, 2020

    I am already so grateful for this journal. It provides a more tangible way to get through the thought processes I learned in therapy. I always try to run through the steps outlined in the prompts when I have an anxious moment, so I appreciate having a way to visualize those thoughts and address them it in a focused way. My anxiety has been terrible with the pandemic and this has been a great outlet. It is also a super cute journal that I just really aesthetically like.

    I love this journal!

    Molly P. | oct 5, 2020

    This journal has been a godsend the last two weeks. I meet once a week with a therapist but the 6 days between my visits have been riddled with anxiety and stress. This journal has become my second therapist. I have been able to work through several high-stress situations and anxious thoughts by putting it in my Four Progress journal. Now I don't leave the house without it!

    Like I am talking to my therapist

    courtney L. | Oct 5, 2020

    As someone who often does not take the time to process how I’m feeling and put myself first, the Worry IV Journal is a simple and quick way to check-in with myself. This has been a part of my morning and evening routine, taking a few minutes each time. Getting my thoughts on paper and seeing my progress over the week has been immensely helpful, especially during a very uncertain time. It’s a refreshing, smart and helpful practice.

    The best way to start and end my day

    Kristen t. | oct 17, 2020

    I bought the bundle for my girlfriend and myself, and we both love our journals! Sometimes you truly just need to write things down to get thoughts out of your head, and this journal helps you do just that. We both highly recommend this journal as a positive mental health tool!

    Perfect Place to Write "It" Down

    Spencer B. | Dec 3, 2020